Is there a catch?

BetterUnite is a no-cost solution for you to use. Our goal is to liberate nonprofits and mission-driven organizations from over-burdening and under-utilized software that takes money from your mission every month.

How can BetterUnite afford to provide a free service? Instead of asking you or your organization to pay for BetterUnite, we simply request that the donors contribute to covering our operating costs during the checkout process. Donors, ticket buyers and purchasers are asked to provide a variable platform tip to BetterUnite - 5% of their contribution, capped at $20. Should the donor choose to lower the amount that they give to BetterUnite, they can do so to 2% or $1. Regardless, you, as the organization/administrator, are not asked to supplement the donors’ tip.

You also have the flexibility to choose to always cover the BetterUnite tip instead of your donors or purchasers. In that case, BetterUnite lowers our tip down to 2%.

For in-event purchases, like auction purchases, event offers, and in-event fundraising transactions, we don't get an opportunity to ask for a tip, so instead we set a 2% transaction fee which you can have your guests pay, or take in on yourself.

If you are planning a very large event, other considerations may help your setup and bottom line. We suggest you Contact Us to discuss these details.

Interested in a no-tip, monthly payment plan "Premium" option? Please Contact Us.

Outside of the BetterUnite platform, the 3rd party payment processor (WePay) charges a standard 2.9%+30c to facilitate credit card transactions and 1%+30c for bank account transfers and e-checks. We allow for you to cover the payment processor fees or pass them along to your donors on an optional or mandatory basis.

If your account is outside of the USA, we offer a monthly price option with different rates as per the payment processor. Please Contact Us if you have any questions around this. You can also just sign up, and see details and options in your funding setup.
Safety in transactions thru WePay. Immediate access to your funds.