Auctions and Mobile Bidding Auctions and Mobile Bidding Auctions and Mobile Bidding
Auctions and Mobile Bidding

Everything you need for auctions, including easy mobile bidding.

Run Auctions. Like a boss.

Create and manage an auction at an event or online with our cutting-edge software & mobile bidding technology.

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Online Bidding

Online Bidding

Anyone can bid on live or silent auction items via the unique, mobile-optimized guest experience. The mobile experience empowers your guests and bidders to track favorite items, donate, purchase, participate in raffles, and more, in addition to robust bidding options.

Auction Management

Auction Item Options

Create a customizable auction for your event or build an online auction on its own, and offer Buy It Now and Auto-Bid, Bundled items, Increment Plans, Reserves, Text and Ticker guest communications, and more. Provide individual item URLs and QR codes plus multiple images and 40 MB videos per item.

Live Scorecard

Auction Management

Add giving levels, raffles, and items for sale to any auction. Schedule beginning and end times to individual items and the auction as a whole, quickly award and charge winners, send custom text messages to all bidders, or schedule and filter texts throughout the auction.

Auction & Mobile Bidding Features

Auctions & Mobile Bidding Features
  • Prepare and launch an auction in minutes
  • Create auction items with auto-bid, bid increments plans, reserves & buy-now
  • Bundle auction items, display multiple images and 40MB videos per item
  • Share the auction or individual items with unique URLs and QR codes
  • Print auction cards with item images, details, and QR codes
  • Outbid notifications, including next increment and bidding page links, sent by text
  • Schedule the end of the auction, bulk award items, and bulk charge preauthorized cards
  • Customize winning bidder communications, sent by text and email
  • Flexible viewing options and information displays for items
Auctions & Mobile Bidding Features

Online Auctions. Mobile Optimized.

Live Stream Guest Experience
Run Auction. Bid Mobile.

Supporters quickly bid and purchase auction items with minimum effort.

BetterUnite’s auction and mobile bidding module allow event attendees or folks participating from home to start bidding on auction items via an intuitive, unique, and easy-to-use interface that is completely optimized for mobile. In addition, the entire fundraising experience for your event, not just your auction, is orchestrated by a mobile-friendly guest page and supported with rich text messaging opportunities.

Bidders can browse and bid on or purchase items. They can also make donations and respond to calls to action. Bidders will be guided through a quick overview of the mobile experience upon opening their unique bidding page, with no sign-up or account creation needed. Your attendees or bidders will then receive text notifications on important bid-related triggered events, e.g., when they are outbid or win.

You can schedule the end of your auction and easily charge auction item winners at the end of the auction through bulk checkout with preauthorized credit cards or send payment instructions via text or email.

Maximize Auction Fundraising Opportunities Maximize your auction fundraising

Simple, straightforward auction bidding for your guests and supporters, endless options for your organization.

ZERO Set-Up Fees.
No Contracts. Fund Faster.
ZERO Set-Up Fees. No Contracts. Fund Faster.

BetterUnite does not charge you a set-up fee and there are no monthly fees, so you can get started with your fundraising, events, donor management and more right away. You also have the option of asking your donors to cover the standard credit card processing fees of 2.9%+30c required by the payment processors.

It's fundraising, made free and simple.

It's fundraising, made free and simple.

What separates us from the rest is our commitment to bring you the most functional platform while keeping it free.

* Non-US accounts will need to choose a monthly plan.

Unified Platform for Fundraising and Event Management

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Unified Platform for Fundraising and Event Management

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