Grants. Done.

Create and manage grants, tracking the full life cycle, milestones, payments, and tasks all in one integrated environment

Manage your grants for success.

Increase your grant visibility and coordination and bolster your revenue.

Track Grants

Create and manage multiple grants, track important milestones, and stay on top of required tasks and processes for each grant.

Manage Lifecycle

View and manage the full lifecycle of each grant including tracking payments, all with visual cues and dashboards to make it easy.

Report on Impact

Our grant management module helps you stay informed and keep up to date with your grant requirements and timelines.

Track activities

Let your team contribute and view all activities related to each grant

Manage Milestones and payments

Create and manage grant milestones with key dates and expected payments.

Forecast revenue

Apply payments to grants and forecast expected payment schedules.

We’re happy to walk you through our industry-leading nonprofit software.

From day one, we’ve worked directly with our customers to understand their needs and provide a complete software solution made just for nonprofits.

See It in Action

Robust grant management to stay on top of your work.

  • Create and manage multiple grants
  • Customize grants to your needs
  • Grant milestones to manage timelines
  • Track activities to manage tasks and communications

Track milestones and payment schedules.

  • Create and manage grant milestones with key dates and expected payments
  • Visualize grant schedules and timelines
  • Apply grant payments, online and offline
  • Add past or future activities to help manage grants

Analyze grants to understand and forecast revenue.

  • Multiple querying and reporting options to better understand dates & revenue
  • Revenue forecast visualizations
  • Activity tracking and reporting to stay on top of tasks

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