The New Auction Item Shop is here!

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BetterUnite is excited to partner with riskfreeitemshop to bring our nonprofit organizations a unique solution to sourcing items for event fundraising.


Meet Our Auction Item Shop:


Every consignment or risk-free item provider is different. riskfreeitemshop offers an online shopping experience that features a curated, best-selling collection of items and packages. The user-friendly interface allows nonprofits to select an array of appealing items from various categories, ensuring a diverse selection to entice potential bidders. 


From best-selling vacations, experiences, jewelry, and memorabilia, the item shop offers a wide array of offerings that will resonate with different audiences to enhance the overall appeal of your auction. And remember, every item in the shop is risk-free - which means there is no upfront payment and zero risk to you.


4 Key Benefits Of Using The Auction Item Shop:


  • Zero Financial Risk: The pay-per-success model ensures that nonprofits are shielded from the financial risks associated with unsold auction items.


  • Engagement and Participation: The curated selection of items, guided by your customized BetterInsights-powered Donor Intelligence Report (highlighted below), ensures that your donors are presented with items that resonate with their interests, drive higher engagement and more participation in the auction.


  • Enhanced Donor Relationships: Tailoring auction items to donor preferences showcases a nonprofit's commitment to understanding and valuing its supporters. This fosters stronger donor relationships and encourages ongoing support. Offering your donors top-quality packages and items means they will also be more likely to participate in your future auction events.


  • Ease-of-Use: The Auction Item Shop makes it easy to select best-selling items right from your auction dashboard. After checking out, riskfreeitemshop will direct you to download your marketing materials so you can upload them into your BetterUnite auction.  They also make arrangements for the item provider to contact you via email and finalize the details for your order.


How it works:


Step 1: Select items, add them to your cart, and complete the checkout process. No payment is due at this time.


Step 2: Download your item information (or marketing materials) on the Order Confirmation Page. You will receive an email confirmation as well. Now you are ready to upload your package materials to your auction platform or dashboard. 


Step 3: The item provider will reach out to you within 2-3 business days to finalize your order request. They will also provide more information about invoicing after the event (of items sold) and how they will distribute the item or package to your winner. You can also make arrangements to have tangible items (jewelry or memorabilia) shipped in advance of your in-person event.


Step 4: After the conclusion of your event, the provider will invoice you the charity cost for items sold. All winning travel packages are distributed to your winners via email. For physical items won at virtual auctions, the provider will arrange shipping to your winners.


What truly sets The Auction Item shop apart from other consignment providers is our commitment to minimizing your risk while maximizing your potential for success. As we mentioned earlier, not every consignment provider is the same, so it can be hard to know whom to trust. As a valued customer we have your best interest at heart, so you can feel secure knowing that we are only offering you the best in risk-free or consignment items, backed by solid customer service and support.


Here are a few more ways BetterUnite’s Auction Item Store can help you stand out:


You Keep The Profit: Some consignment providers take a part of your earnings, which can be confusing. Everything in our shop has a charity cost, and that is all you pay when the item is sold. For example, the Beachfront Mexico trip (a best-seller) has a listed charity cost of $895. If it sells at auction for $3000, the profit is yours to keep!


Unlocking the Power of BetterInsights Donor Intelligence Report: The BetterInsights Donor Intelligence report is a game-changer for nonprofits looking to enhance their auction fundraising efforts. This AI-generated report leverages the power of artificial intelligence to analyze historical donor data and identify predictive patterns in donor behavior. 


By understanding the preferences and inclinations of your supporters, you can tailor auction items to align with these preferences, thereby increasing the likelihood of engagement and bids.


For instance, if your BetterInisghts Report indicates that your donor base or last year’s event attendees have a penchant for adventure and travel, you can select items such as vacation packages, adventure experiences, or travel-related merchandise to captivate your audience. 


This personalized approach not only engages donors but increases the chances of higher bids, ultimately boosting the fundraising potential of the auction. 

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